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Tomato Artichoke & Egg Pizza [LC, Vegetarian, Clean, GF]

It’s that time of month ago! Up next on the blog is this month’s recipe redux. This 5 ingredient recipe does not need much time to prep especially if you have eggs pre-scrambled! You’ll be done by the time the oven finishes pre-heating. Filled with fiber, veggies and protein, it makes for a healthy pizza!

Tomato Artichoke & Egg Pizza [LC, Vegetarian, Clean, GF]...And A Dash of Cinnamon Part

Somehow it is not only September, but almost the end of September! I really am not sure where this month went to. This post is dedicated to my sister who just had a birthday a couple of days ago!

The theme for this month’s challenge is:

Sheet Pan Meals

We love throwing ingredients together on a sheet pan and roasting for a simple sheet pan dinner. They make busy weeknights a bit more manageable. (And clean-up isn’t bad either!) Show us your healthy take on a sheet pan meal.

I know you may be thinking of your typical sheet pan of roasted veggies with some type of meat, so I decided to change it up a bit. Who doesn’t love just throwing ingredients onto a single pan and having it come out all nice and done? I, as you know, am all about that time saving cooking given my super busy schedule.

Tomato Artichoke & Egg Pizza [LC, Vegetarian, Clean, GF]...And A Dash of Cinnamon Full

Since this post is dedicated to my sister, I decided to go for something she would enjoy. PIZZA. Pizza as per norm in America does NOT do well with my stomach issues. I don’t do well with a lot of dairy, but more particular, grease/oil/butter is a huge problem for me.

Not a great idea with this type of pizza, but you can with mine!

So, without any further delay I give you my sheet pan recipe of pizza. With FlatOut as your crust, you just take your ingredients, throw it on top and stick in the oven for only a matter of minutes! Very quick and perfect for those crazy weeknights. Here a a couple of other pizzas if you are interested! Just click on the picture to be taken to the recipe.


What’s better? This is a single serving (in my book haha) so everyone can make their own individual sheet pan meals. Quick, healthy and everyone is happy? MAJOR WIN. Looking for other sheet pan recipes? Check out the posts of my fellow recipe reduxers by clicking on the link below.


Tomato Artichoke & Egg Pizza [LC, Vegetarian, Clean, GF]...And A Dash of Cinnamon Part

Tomato Artichoke & Egg Pizza [LC, Vegetarian, Clean, GF]

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 11 minutes
Total Time 21 minutes
Servings 1 pizza
Author AZ@...And A Dash of Cinnamon


  • 1 Flatout Wrap
  • 1 egg scrambled
  • 4 cherry tomatoes quartered
  • 2 quartered artichoke hearts
  • 1 1/2 T mozzarella cheese shredded


  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees

  2. If you don't have scrambled eggs on hand, scramble your egg

  3. Quarter your tomatoes (can use any tomato desired)

  4. Lay out your Flatout wrap onto a cookie sheet.

  5. Top with the tomatoes, egg, artichoke and cheese

  6. Bake for ~11 minutes or until edges are crispy

  7. Break into 6 pieces, eat and enjoy!

Recipe Notes

Plan ahead! Make extra scrambled eggs one morning to have for this recipe another night! 

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