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Wait.. I Did What? Part 2

Fact: The first time I tried logging in to my new domain that I apparently bought, it brought me to a website in Chinese. The following is a quick synopsis of my train of thoughts and emotions immediately after:

“OMG…Wait a second, did I somehow buy a Chinese website last night?!?!…Everybody panic meme

Oooorrrr….does this mean I’ve been hacked before I’ve started anything…

It's all over Cat meme

…Should I translate this site to see what I’ve gotten myself into?..


Better not…I probably don’t want to know. Let’s just close out and pretend this didn’t happen…Yes..hmm…that sounds like my best option at this point.”


Turns out this was a great plan.  I’m not sure what I did that first visit, (maybe put in just a totally wrong site name, or something silly like that), but it never happened again. Over the next day, my site name had a nice, no panic inducing “coming soon” theme going on. Phew..OK crisis 1 diverted. AHHH YEAH..HI FIVE!

Now let’s talk about later brainwave thoughts about the blog. As I mentioned in my first post, my thoughts on the blog have rapidly changed and evolved since I bought my domain site name. At first, I wanted to hide the fact that I’m a doctor and strictly give recipes. Hence, the name of my blog has nothing to do with my profession… In retrospect, I probably would have named it something different if I was in the mindset I am now about this venture. Oh well, too late for that now! ANYWHO..I realized after a while that hiding that fact would be an impossible thing to do since it pretty much consumes my life is such a huge part of my life.

As more time passed and I realized that I could really reach and help (if people wanted) a lot of readers with my background. In addition, these posts will also give people a little bit of personal insight into my world. Not only that, it will give me a place to decompress a bit from the demands of my life.

Ok now about my life, full disclosure, I tend to look at things with a humorous tint, otherwise I’d probably go a bit crazy. Laughing is a great healer. I want people to be like..

Stop I'm going to pee

Why do I say this? Because if not, the same situation can be seen as super frustrating. It’s a defense mechanism of mine to help cope with some of the ridiculous situations I find myself in. OH WAIT… I swear my life is just one big dose of ridiculous. I find the story of how this blog came to be one of those ridiculous moments. Please don’t take offense.

However, I do hope you enjoy what is to come. I’m not sure what this will eventually be, but as of right now I intend to have it be more or less my life mixed with recipes, medicine, and tips. I also want to a be resource to anyone who has questions. My goal always has been to make sure people understand what is going on.

Doctors have all different styles. For me, I want to make sure my patients understand everything that is happening. My world and the many aspects of health are grey zones of confusion for many. My goal is to at least try and make things a bit clearer where possible. Why? The more people know, the more comfortable they feel taking control of their health. Knowledge is empowerment. Cue..

Prevention is the best medicine

Prevention is the best medicine

This concept is something I want to extend to my blog. PLEASE NOTE, I don’t plan to think of readers as patients, NOR will this be formal. The opinions given through this blog will be my own and should not replace discussions and visits to your own doctors.

SO with that said- This is a no- judgement blog. No questions are stupid. This is to be a safe space for the both of us. This is a place for me to decompress, and for you to get some laughs, relate, and ask questions!  I am also here to share my experiences, take on life, recipes, tips etc along the way because apparently I am new member of the blog family.

Bloggers, did you immediately know what you wanted your blog to be about? Or did your ideas evolve, as well?

If there are any medical readers out there feel free to share your ridiculous stories along the way!


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  • Lorena March 21, 2016, 4:28 PM

    Stop Stop….I’m gonna pee!! Hahaha

    • andadashofcinnamon March 21, 2016, 4:44 PM

      Hahaha I’m glad you got a laugh out of it, too!

  • Jeri Glynn March 21, 2016, 5:44 AM

    I anxiously await your next posting. We all need a little humor in our daily lives, and have a place to go to share our thoughts and experiences.

    • andadashofcinnamon March 21, 2016, 11:00 AM

      Thanks! I am looking forward to sharing my experiences, but I am very much also looking forward to hearing my readers thoughts and experiences, as well!

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