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Shortcut Sangria Wine Spritzers

Looking for a quick and easy cocktail to serve at a party? Like sangria, but not the work it takes to make it? Try out this 2 ingredient cocktail recipe that will be a hit at your party. It’s a light drink that can even be sipped during the day.

Shortcut Sangria Wine Spritzers...And A Dash of Cinnamon

It’s May Redux time!  Here is the latest prompt for this month’s theme.

Cocktails and Mocktails for May Celebrations

Showers and celebrations with friends abound this time of year. Show us your healthy, colorful drink concoctions for festivities like bridal showers and graduation celebrations.

Given the parties listed in the prompt, I realized that these are mostly day time festivities that would call for something light to drink. These drinks, though, can also be consumed during the evening if desired. They can also be customized to your liking.

Wine spritzers are great especially if you need something to pace yourself with. Drinking a few glasses of wine is not only not recommended (the recommended daily limit is 1 glass for females and 2 for males), it can also do you in sooner than you realize especially if you are used to drinking beer which has a much lower alcohol content.

When you make your own, you can put just a small amount of wine and a lot of sparkling water and then you can have a few and have it still add up to only 1 5oz pour.

Shortcut Sangria Wine Spritzers...And A Dash of Cinnamon

There is plenty of research that a glass of wine can be good for you, but more than that it can be damaging in more ways than one. So, here is your chance to reap the benefits of red wine and enjoy a celebration at the same time!

When you don’t have much time on your hands, but still need to pull together a drink, this is an easy one to make. If you have more time, feel free to garnish with cut up oranges! Need a big batch? This would be easy to place into a large drink dispenser with a bunch of orange slices in it!

Being a doctor, I must add in to please drink responsibly if you choose to partake.

-Do not drink and drive. It is not fair to place someone else’s life in danger and I can’t tell you how many patients I have had to treat because of drunk driving. It is NOT ok.

-It is OK to not drink even if everyone else is. Feel awkward empty handed? Ask for a club soda or seltzer with a lime (for example) so it appears as if you have a drink.

-Alternate your drinks with a full glass of water ( or 2!).

There are plenty of other  things I could tell you, but I’ll leave it at this for now. Please ask if you have any other questions. If you are looking for other cocktails and/or mocktails. Click on the recipe redux badge below to checkout other recipes!

Shortcut Sangria Wine Spritzers...And A Dash of Cinnamon

Shortcut Sangria Wine Spritzers

Prep Time 1 minute
Author AZ@...And A Dash of Cinnamon


  • Red Wine
  • Orange Sparkling Water
  • optional orange slices


  1. Mix the wine and the sparkling water at your preferred ratio (1 used 1 part wine to 2 parts water)

  2. If using, slice orange slices thinly and drop into the drink/place on the rim as garnish or place into your drink dispenser

Recipe Notes

I used Ozarka sparkling water in mandarin orange flavor and a red blend wine. 

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