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Easy 3 Ingredient Eggs Bolognese

This egg recipe is the bomb. SO good and so simple, with minimal ingredients required. I only used 3 ingredients for the main dish (topping made it 4 and you may have to use more depending on your likes and what you have on hand). It’s low carb and high protein, so it will keep you full and won’t make you tired afterwards like the traditional bolognese with spaghetti can. I ate it as a main dish, but feel free to make it for a savory breakfast! Switch out some of the ingredients/leave off certain toppings and it works for paleo and vegetarian, as well. 

Egg Bolognese

I am so glad to finally be done with ICU and off of nights! HIGH FIVE! ICU Nights can be so brutal especially when it is just you with a resident as your back up covering the entire ICU.

Ha! I wish

Things can get crazy and overwhelming real fast and the nights are cold, long and super hunger inducing. Even though I had somewhat adjusted to nights, I was still so tired. Every time I had maybe a bit of a chance to get a bit of sleep there was always a nurse/patient that needed something, important labs that needed to be followed up on, or an admission to do, etc. So, particularly in the wee hours it was all like:

ICU nights

Funny story, though. Since it was night I didn’t wear any makeup. My face is already a mess from the stress of it and poor eating habits that ensued. Plus it’s night! There was a resident in the morning who hadn’t seen me in a while and was all like: “OMG, you look so tired! Is everything ok?” 

I just sort of looked at her, all slow eyebrow raise like: “Are you serious right now…you do realize I’m an intern…right?” To her, I just sort of laughed. I’ve decided to take it as a compliment that during the day time I do a really fantastic job with my makeup to hide how tired I actually look lol ;).

chronic dark circles #intern life

Even though I know I’ve got chronic dark circles, one can hope haha #intern life

Well, basically I’m glad to be done and back on elective. The transition back to full on days is not too terrible either. It is strange for it to be light outside, and usually coming off nights, daytime is a huge shock to your system. However, I’m on radiology so I’m pretty much in a dark room all day which I think saved me from a lot of the potential shock of seeing light again.

Works out well when you are used to being in the dark

Otherwise it could have been all like:

Hehe. Anyway, this is one of the recipes I made for one of my nights and OMG it was so good and so filling. Granted I had to eat it in shifts since I kept getting pulled away to do things, but I was so excited every time I got back to it. I was all like OMG how have I not yet made this before! Oh the glories of coming up with ways to use what I have left! I highly recommend it. I topped mine with nutritional yeast, but it would be great with parmesan or mozzarella cheese. I also highly recommend stirring it all together so your eggs are all covered in saucy, meaty deliciousness.

Have you ever worked night shift? Do you adjust easily back and forth?

Egg Bolognese [Clean, Low Carb, GF]
Eggs Bolognese
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Servings Prep Time
1 bowl 5 minutes
Servings Prep Time
1 bowl 5 minutes
Egg Bolognese [Clean, Low Carb, GF]
Eggs Bolognese
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Servings Prep Time
1 bowl 5 minutes
Servings Prep Time
1 bowl 5 minutes
Servings: bowl
  1. Scramble your eggs how you like them and place in a bowl
  2. If you don't have pre-cooked meat already cooked, brown beef in a skillet until no longer pink. Drain the fat.
  3. Pour the pasta sauce into a bowl, stir in the ground beef
  4. Top eggs with meat mixture (and I highly recommend stirring it all together)
  5. Top with optional toppings if desired, and enjoy!
Recipe Notes
  1. If you don't have a pasta sauce, try using tomato sauce with added spices (try oregano, basil, garlic and onion powder)
  2. Try to use pasta sauce that has no added sugar, high fructose corn syrup or chemicals in it.
  3. Swap out the meat for a meat-free substitution, or leave it out all together to make it vegetarian.
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  • Holly May 19, 2016, 3:55 PM

    This is so healthy! I love all the protein in this dish! I never thought about putting bolognese on eggs – great idea! I’ve never worked nights although I am a night owl. LOL Hope the transition to days is not too painful for you!

    • AZ@...And A Dash of Cinnamon May 19, 2016, 6:49 PM

      It is so amazing. I wish I would have thought of it sooner! I hope you try it! I actually did pretty well transitioning that time! It only took about a week! (A personal best) haha. I have to do 3 ER night shifts in a row next weekend and then jump straight back to days so I’m hoping I’ll do well with that transition too.

  • rsky April 28, 2016, 7:54 PM

    I HATE switching on/off nights. I try using melatonin and it works for me sometimes (mostly placebo effect) but I always feel so tired.

    Thanks for this simple recipe!

    • AZ@...And A Dash of Cinnamon April 29, 2016, 10:05 AM

      Yeah I’ve tried using melatonin before too, and it has never worked for me, unfortunately. I have found that for some people (and actually certain groups of people) that it works fabulously in. I’m a bit jealous haha since it would be nice, if I can’t sleep on my own, to at least take something that is found in the body naturally. I’d love to hear any tricks you have though regarding this subject!

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