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Fourth of July 2017 BBQ Roundup

Happy 4th of July!! For those of us in the medical field, it marks the beginning of a new year. For the rest of you, it marks a day of celebration in honor of our country’s independence! Please take a moment to remember what this momentous day meant for our country way back then and never take your freedom for granted. While you are happily, but safely enjoying your holiday, take a moment to check out a few recipes you can bring along, or make from your festivities! 

BBQ Round up...And A Dash of Cinnamon

I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am officially a second year! It’s insane. This year was crazy (terrible) and in so many ways I am so thrilled that it is over. So, the things that I have now accomplished post med school are my 1 year of intern year and my first year of residency. Unfortunately, I still have two years left and that’s only if I decide not to do a fellowship. (That would give me at least 1-2 more years of training after residency should I go down that path).

The major pros (or really the major pro) of no longer being a first year is that I no longer have to take primary call. WHOOO HOOO!!! You guys have heard me complain about this before. Our first year call was really brutal. I’m missing at least a half a year of sleep and have been conditioned to have my heart start racing and almost break out into a sweat when I hear anything that sounds like my pager going off. Let me tell you, it was GLORIOUS to be able to turn that bad boy off. Granted, I’ll still get pages every once in a while, but I think I’m just going to forward my pager to my phone for the rest of my residency. Much less stressful I think.

Me every time I hear anything like a vibration

I’m hoping my second year will be awesome in comparison. It should given how terrible this past year was. I get more specialty focused this year and also get involved a lot more surgically. However, my program is really progressive in that area which is awesome so I’m leaps and bounds ahead of most other program residents in that regard.

I have certainly learned a lot this year, but still feel like there is SO much more to learn and that is daunting. It is especially daunting because now I’ll have little baby first years looking to me for guidance now with their questions. It is a challenge I’m a bit looking forward to. I think they will push me to be even better.

Now though, I am getting shipped back to no-man’s land. However, this time, I’ll be by myself, no third year to help me as I have had for the entire past year) running my own clinic?! Say what?! I’m very excited by the prospect. It will for sure let me become even more autonomous. It will also, I think, boost my confidence even more in my skills. Granted, if I have any questions I have an attending there to help, but really it’ll be all me. This will definitely be a boost from my stint up there last time (at a different place then). I even am pretty sure that I will actually get lunch everyday too! That has happened only a handful of times this past year, so I am very excited by that, as well! Wish me luck!

Story of my life right now since I don’t get to eat much during the day so I just binge all night long. No bueno.

In the meantime, I hope you guys have an excellent 4th of July holiday. Stay safe, but enjoy yourself! Here are some recipes that you can use for your holiday BBQ’s or even if you have leftover’s afterwards! Just click on the pictures to be taken to the recipe! Happy eating!

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